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Island Warriors Activities in Utila

Fun in the Sun: 

With the underlying goal of helping veterans who suffer from depression and PTSD, Island Warriors is also a destination adventure for amazing experiences and activities in a tropical paradise, where we all get to forget our worries, and enjoy life. Whether uniting with other veterans or seeking adventure in the surf and sunshine, your Island Warriors trip to Utila will be nothing less than an amazing time!


Check out below some of the great activities and Caribbean excursions to enjoy during your visit!

What would you like to do in Utila!?

Experienced Divers

Utila's claim to fame is the amazing diving! Diving in Utila is available for both Experienced and beginner divers. Join us in Utila and join your fellow divers in the seas of the Caribbean!

Diving Certified-Level

Deep Sea Fishing 

Salt water, deep sea fishing doesn't get any better than in the Caribbean! Take to the open sea and enjoy the open waters of Utila!


ATV 4-Wheeler


Explore the island jungles and the coastal beaches with the wind in your face. Climb on the island ATVs and tour the island at your own leisure, or speed down the off-road paths of paradise!


Jet Ski and Wave Runners

Watersports in the Caribbean - Does it get any better!? Island Warriors has the hook up for the island Jet Ski and Wave Runner rental outlets. Climb on and take to the waves!

Jet Skis

Local Celebrity Dr. John

From actual MD to island celebrity, Dr. John has what ails ya! In proof that you'll never want to leave, Dr. John came to Utila as a practicing doctor and just decided to stay! Now, a Utila legend!

Dr. John



You couldn't pick a better place to begin your diving adventures! Join the 5-day training course with expert island divers and get your certification to take the plunge!

Diving Beginner-Level

Utila Beaches

Beaches! Oh, the Beaches! The true definition of tropical paradise originates where water meets land. Don't miss these crystal clear waters and sandy havens sought out by beach-lovers everywhere!



Travel by kayak to island sights and sceneries that only a very small percentage of people are able to access. Paddle your way from sunrise to sunset!



You don't always need to strap on the tanks to enjoy the beauty of Utila's under-water magnificence. Take to the reefs and check out all the amazing sites out past the shoreline.


Bicycle Tours

Whether touring through town, the jungle or the beaches, take advantage of your pedal power to bicycle across the island paradise that is Utila!


Hiking the Island

Hike to the island's highest point, Pumpkin Hill, for a beautiful view from its top. See the town below with a backdrop of mountains on the mainland, and perfect white beaches behind you. 


Cave Tours

Above water and below, check out the vast opportunities to adventure through various volcanic stalagmites and stalactites formations, throughout Utila.


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